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A Dining Room Reimagined

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

A big part of our job as designers is to help people come up with solutions for challenging spaces. “I have this room that I’m not sure what to do with.” “There’s a room in my house that is meant to function as X but I’d rather it function as Y; how do we do this?” These are topics I encounter often. The most common space that confounds people is the formal dining room. As we evolve as a culture, the necessity of this space is becoming more obsolete. So what do we do when the home we love was built with this space? We can turn it into a sitting room, a play space for the kids, or another living room. But to be honest, I personally love the idea of leaning into its intended purpose. The formal dining room has roots in a common practice that has yet to evolve out of fashion: entertaining. Invite your friends over, make a delicious meal, and enjoy this space for what it is meant to be.

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